Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Shopping, and babies.

This morning, to Manchester to try to buy jeans. Having failed to find anything interesting that would fit me in the posh shops I eventually settled for a pair from World Of Beige Next, but I couldn't be arsed trying them on there and then. Guess what - they don't fit. They're a 38R like what the ones I have on at the moment which fit perfectly well. I mean, is it so hard, clothes manufacturers? if you put a label in clothes that says they are a size, they should be that size. It's easy, really.

Kendall's is disappointing these days. About 20 years ago a trip to Kendall's was something a bit special. It was Manchester's premier department store, the lifts had people who pressed the buttons for you, a fine food hall and the toy department during December was something to behold. Now it is just another branch of HoF, there is no food department and only a token effort at a food hall. And it sells loads of chavvy, wannabe football hooligan brands.

Also, as I always forget Sportspages doesn't open on Sundays, so the whole journey was wasted really. And the Paramount Book Exchange only seems to open Thursday-Saturday now, which was a bit poor as well. Conclusion: go into Manchester on Saturdays instead from now on.

Then, this afternoon to my niece Lily's birthday party. Nice to see a lot of friends, even if it was all accompanied by a selection of screamy shouty small children. Excellently, shortly before I went it was observed that Lily hadn't been seen for a while, and a short search confirmed that she was sitting by the front door, having sniffed out the party bags that were there and set to work eating the chocolate in them. Go her!

I need a new mp3 player. I'll probably go for an iriver, as they can do ogg as well. I got as far as the queue in Richer Sounds to buy one, but it was too long for me to be bothered waiting. Can you still get electronics bargains a-plenty on Tottenham Court Road? I might look there when I'm in teh London if so. I don't really want to get one off the internets because my parents will only start asking questions if I get a parcel delivered.

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