Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

I was going to write a long, rambling account of my travels in Spain, but I discovered that I can't be bothered. Thus, there follows a list of links to photos with brief accompanying notes. I'll take questions when you've looked at them.

General views around Barcelona:

View from my hotel window The bin you can see was emptied at four am one day. Nice.
Geese in the cathedral cloister
Planes flying overhead
Pharmacy mosaic
Lamp outside the pharmacy
1950s Barcelona team bus in the Nou Camp
Sculpture in the Museum of Chocolate
Another one
Cable car station from cable car
Pier from cable car
Post Office yard from cable car
Another pharmacy
Random nice building near bus station

Photos of the Sagrada Familia:

Doves on the tower
Dove closeup
Cross on top of dove tower
Another tower
Another tower
Towers and crane
Fruit sculptures on top of towers
Another fruit sculpture
And another one
The nativity facade and some bloke

Calella and around:

From the time when I was 5, until I was about 15 we went to Calella de Palfrugell, a small seaside town on the Costa Brava pretty much every year. I decided I'd go back for a few days this year, and it was as lovely as I remembered it. I wandered to the neighbouring town of Llafranc a couple of times too.

Beach view
Cat on beach
Another beach view
House in Llafranc
Another house in Llafranc
Lighthouse on the top of a big hill
Lighthouse after I walked up the hill
View of Llafranc from lighthouse
House on a hillside
Old dead bar on the coastal path between Calella and Lllafranc
Promenade in Calella

Palafrugell is the nearest town to Calella with links to the outside world. It's where the bus from Barcelona and to Girona went.

Church in Palafrugell
Palafrugell hospital. Where I got my head fixed when I banged it on a wall when I was about 5


Most Brits who know of Girona probably only know it as the airport where you fly before being bussed to your Costa Brava hellhole for two weeks of all day breakfasts in English pubs. What it really is is a great city with a lovely old town.

Girona old town side street
Girona Cathedral
Girona city walls

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