September 7th, 2009

mr otter

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This weekend I:

- Went to Pestival on the South Bank. I saw a tiny newt that had been fished out of the Thames, a jar of pickled moles, a dead blue tit, a selection of cool insects that London Zoo had brought along including a Malaysian Jungle Nymph, loads of bees and a giant termite mound. It was excellent.

- Tubewalked in Fitzrovia and Swiss Cottage.

- Went to see the production of Jason and the Argonauts at the More London festval, which was good. They're doing free film showings from next week, anyone fancy seeing any? I want to go and watch The Usual Suspects, but I'm open to any suggestions. Also, Thames Festival next weekend. Fireworks! They have a Montreal International Firework Competition? Cool!

Also, I assume we've all seen the rat as big as a cat by now? Good, good.
fc united

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Well, this sounds like one of the stupidest ideas ever. For Forest to move from a ground (just about) within walking distance of the railway station and on several bus routes to Gamston which is pretty isolated right on the edge of the countryside and easy to get to as long as you drive is crazy. I'm also not sure how the city council can rule out redevelopment of the City Ground since it's in the Borough of Rushcliffe, and not the City of Nottingham. And I'm pretty sure Forest are just about recovering from the massive financial hole they got into when they redeveloped the ground 10-15 years ago, to make it the pretty good ground that it is. I'm not entirely sure they need to be plunging themselves into heavy debt to build a new one already.

FWIW, if they did need a new ground, I always thought this would be a good spot for one when I lived in Basford. Despite how green it looks from the air, unless they've made it a park or something in the five years since I moved away, it's a derelict brownfield site near tram stops, and on bus routes. But what do I know? I'm only someone who goes to football matches.