October 2nd, 2009

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They've put one of those new projector screen advertising spaces directly opposite the spot I get on the tube at Moorgate every morning, and it's quite annoying. The actual most annoying thing is that they don't use it properly, and it just displays a loop of adverts for The Times, and for dixons.co.uk. What's the point of that?1 If you're going to have these screens, use them properly - show cartoons, or newsreel, or government propaganda. Use the technology properly.

The IOC meets this afternoon to decide where the 2016 Olympic Games should take place. Since the IOC are obviously idiots, I think we should decide instead.

Where should the 2016 Olympic Games take place?

Rio de Janeiro

Also: can attaching a new keyboard to your computer make the amplifier to which its line out is connected keep switching itself off, or does correlation not suggest causality in this case?

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I'm wearing my James t-shirt today. I was at Borough Market at lunchtime (I bought a big bottle of curry ketchup from the Bratwurst stall - mmm!) and some Shoreditch looking bloke came over to me and commented on the t-shirt, saying "I've not seen one of those for ages!" I fear he may have thought I was wearing it in an ironic retro kind of way, so if Hoxton fills up with @rseholes wearing 80s Manchester band t-shirts over the next few weeks it's probably my fault. Sorry, like.