October 9th, 2009

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After work I went to hoshuteki's birthday drinks; which was good. Journey Advisor suggested I get a boat to Blackfriar's Pier and a bus from there, so I did. It's certainly the way to travel in Central London. The next time I move - which won't be any time soon hopefully, but still - I'm going to seriously think about moving back to Greenwich or somewhere else on the river. It would be great to be able to go to work on a boat every day. I don't think I'd ever get fed up of it.

I had to leave the birthday do a bit early as I was going to <ahref="http://www.anorakforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3356">this gig</a> and it was a little disappointing. The two supports were a bit bland, both playing mostly instrumental stuff that wasn't unpleasant, but wasn't especially interesting. It ended up being nice enough background music while I sat at the back and read my book. Still Corners, who I wanted to see were excellent, but a 25 minute set left me feeling a little short-changed. Having said that, it was only £4 in.

The buses worked well enough tonight. There was one there straight away after I left the pub, another there straight away after the gig and then a 144 was there at Turnpike Lane to bring me to the door. And then, when I got home the laser pointer I ordered had arrived. It turns out to be the most fun you can have with cats.

How football journalism works

So, according to the headline, Rooney revels in Ronaldo struggle. Ooh, this sounds juicy. Let's see what he says.

Portugal are in danger of missing out but Rooney said: "I'm not really bothered if they are there or not. We need to concentrate on ourselves."

Revelling, there. Also, Wayne Rooney: I hope Cristiano Ronaldo misses World Cup

“It would be nice to see Portugal not there because in the last two tournaments they’ve knocked us out.”

Also, Rooney: Let's hope Ronaldo misses the World Cup

Wouldn't you think they'd be bored of trying to stir up trouble between them after three years?
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Has anyone actually used LinkedIn for its intended career networking purpose, rather than as just another thing to collect friends on?
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Here's an exciting Friday afternoon competition! Today I went to Borough Market, and I bought three different types of sausage. Can you guess what they were?

This poll is closed.

What type of sausages did I buy?

EDIT: You're all thinking too narrowly. Open your minds to the sausagse of the world!

It can be the weekend nao pls?