November 5th, 2009

mr otter

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I need a new printer as mine has decided to start only printing half of any page and leaving the rest blank, which is rubbish when you print recipes. I don't want to print photos or anything fancy, just pages of text and occasionally maybe maps telling me how to get places, although my phone does good mapping now so that's going to be decreasingly common. I really don't need colour.

In Rymans at lunchtime I saw a laser printer for £69.99. Would this be a better long term bet than a £30 inkjet? Would it be more likely to last longer, and is it cheaper per page to laser print than ink jet print?

Cor, Afghanistan's a mess isn't it? I don't really know what to think of it all. Following the rogue policeman killings yesterday, the Daily YouKnowWhat asks "What sort of war is this?" on its front page. That's a pretty stupid question isn't it? It's a war in which the baddies try to kill the goodies. That's pretty much what happens in wars, there aren't any nice ones. In fact, for all the talk of how horrific the death toll is, in over eight years of conflict in Afghanistan British casualties are lower than they were in the 74 days of the Falklands War. Not, obviously, that they're insignificant or not to be regretted, but ~30 deaths per year in such a huge conflict isn't that high is it?

Not that I know what to do about it of course. The Taliban are very nasty people of course, and their indulgence of Al-Qaeda clearly makes the world a less safe place. I don't know though, if a war against the Taliban is actually winnable - they're making hard work of it for sure - let alone if it's actually the right thing to do. But just pulling all the troops out seems wrong too somehow - it's leaving the place in a hell of a mess. Perhaps I'll stand for Parliament on a ticket of not really knowing what to do about it all. I'm sure David Cameron hasn't really got a clue, but at least I'm honest about it.