March 22nd, 2010

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This weekend was nice. I met up in the rain with S yesterday and after going for lunch in a greasy spoon near Traflagar Square, we went in the National Gallery to stay out of the rain. It was good, and I saw a Monet picture of the Santa Maria dela Salu-te1.

In the evening we went for a nice Italian meal with eyekiller and E, and this morning we all met up again at the Farmers' Market for cheese toasties. This afternoon I watched the football which was good, had a little nap on the sofa which was good, and had a Chinese takeaway, which was good.

There aren't really any interesting details to this. It was just good. I should probably go to bed and stop the weekend soon though.

eye eye

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Should I get a USB microscope?


If I do, suggest something for me to look at through it.

Also, Jesus mended my shower on Saturday. Srsly. I went to have a shower, and when I turned the taps on the water pressure was puny, just a tiny dribble. I checked the other taps and they were fine, so while I was standing contemplating this the buzzer rang. I went to the entryphone to see who it was.

Messenger of Jesus: Hi, we're leaving invitations to a special event and I wondered if I could leave you one?
Me: Er, what kind of event?
MoJ: It's a commemoration of the death of Jesus, on March 20th at...
Me: Thank you, but I'm afraid I'm not interested. Bye bye.

Then I went back into the bathroom, and the water pressure was back! Makes you think, doesn't it?