Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Being polite

There are times, aren't there, when it would be great to be really rude. Just before lunch I was briefly the only person left in the office. Andy is on a course today, Gwen had gone out to lunch early to take her cat to the vet. When the cleaner came up to hoover I was therefore defenceless and had to be talked to by her. She goes on, a bit. It was partly my fault, I shouldn't have mentioned the vet thing in reply to her stunningly original opening gambit ("Have they left you on your own?"), because that gave her a subject - a truly tedious story about the fact that they don't spey dogs until they're 10 months old, but hers came into season at nine months so they had to build a barrier in the kitchen to keep the dogs apart. Honestly, it went on for hours. Just sometimes, I'd like to be the kind of person who says "Why don't you fvck off with your sh1tty stories about your pets, your family and the fact that it's sometimes hard to tell which is which? I couldn't care less if you paid me fifty million pounds to do so. Go away and leave me in peace." without feeling guilty about hurting people's feelings. But instead, I just sat there mumbling "Oh, yeah." every few seconds.

Which is better really I suppose. But just, y'know.

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