Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Yes, then.

So, the weekend. Yesterday, to Manchester, as previously hinted at. First the football, and then out to a couple of places in town, first to Cask and then to Evuna, a newish tapas and wine bar. Blimey, it's like being one of those modern continental style Arsenal fans. As I got the tram back just as the arena was kicking out, I was sharing my journey with all the Green Day fans in Crumpsall, Bury and all points between and all their marvellous hair colours.

Today has mostly been lazing around again, watching poor football mostly. I did do a bit of sorting out as well, and I have a pile of videos to go off to the charity shop. Then I tried setting up my scanner, which I'd recently dug out of a box only to find it didn't work any more. It was making bad noises, and the light thing only moved about a tenth of the way along the scanner bed. I think they're relatively cheapish, and a new will probably be USB, so I guess I'll be able to use it with this mac. Unlike my stupid mobile phone, which still won't talk to the mac, and I can't even work out how to make it do email properly.

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