Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

The weekend in pictures


My friend Ian's stag do in Birmingham. We met up near the canal, and gathered on a boat for what was apparently a tour of the rural heritage of Birmingham. I don't know why it was advertised as that, because it clearly wasn't, but it was good. There were dilapidated bits of industrial ruin, geese, and a canal dog. We went alongside railway lines and through tunnels. We had a group shot* when we got back to the centre, and went to the pub where there was another dog and an excellent van.

*Back row (l-r): Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian. Front row: Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian. Kneeling: Ian.


Tubewalking. Meeting up at Beckton at the end of the DLR, which must by definition be the end of the world I think, we got the weddings over and done with and set off. We soon saw art, and then we climbed the mighty Beckton Alps, which are really ace. There are magnificent views of London, and the locals leave charming declarations of affinity for each other. We made our way back down and promptly got slightly lost. The navigation committee pondered our next move while weary tubewalkers waited for instructions. We set off after requisitioning fresh supplies, and on the way to Gallion's Reach we found abandoned musical instruments and the obvious next step after guard dogs. After the more direct second tube walk of the day from Beckton Park to Cyprus, we returned to slightly less East London where we walked along Cable St and saw the excellent mural commemorating the battle against fascism to Brick Lane where I saw a yard with the Gherkin behind it. Then we ate lots of curry.

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