Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

We have a thing* of sweets on the counter in reception that are sold in aid of some charity or other. It has been restocked today, and so we've jsut have a great email sent round the company that simply says "The sweet lady has been with supplies". That's nice isn't it? Other good emails I've received today include the one reminding me that I have two more days of holiday to book this year, so I think I might Go Somewhere in December. Or I might just use them for Christmas shopping, who can tell? Although the DLR extension to City Airport opens in December innit, so it would be dead easy to get out of the country.

I've been using php in work this morning, which I've never done in a job before. That's good.

Right, people who know about Apple Macs; I bought a Mac Mini last week and I'd like to move all my iTunes stuff from my iBook onto it so that I don't have to rip all the CDs again. Is this just as simple as copying the directory with all the mp3 files across? I've already bought a song off iTunes on the new mac, so I want to avoid overwriting that.

*Technical term.
Tags: mac, work

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