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UK forces suffer 100th Iraq death - clearly not A Good Thing at all, but why does it still seem to be coming as a surprise to people that when you start a war by invading a foreign country, there are casualties? And as war in general goes, 100 deaths in three years is far from an extremley high casulaty rate, is it?

Crews rescued after ships collide - An interesting quote here from Fred Caygill, whose significance to the story isn't made clear in the article, but "Phosphoric acid does not pose a pollution threat. It has dissolved in the sea," he said. Ah, right. Because if something has dissolved in the sea, then it hasn't polluted anything. Hmm.

Transsexuals 'to get 2 ID cards' - I can't help thinking that an ID card system which entitles people to have two identities might not cut the swathe through opportunities for fraud in quite the way the government hopes, but I daresay I'm just panicking needlessly.

Sports News

MPs in free-to-air cricket plea - So put The Ashes on the A-list then. Don't weasel out of doing that and then have a go at the cricket authorities by doing what government has clearly given them the authority to do by removing cricket from the A-list.

Mikel's lawyers demand that warring clubs put player first - Well, perhaps player shouldn't have signed a contract and then decided that he wanted to play for someone else. If he's worried about his international career, then it's in his hands to protect it - all he has to do is turn up and play for the club he signed for.

Questions of interest blur Glazers' rosy vision - nothing we haven't heard before really, but always a useful reminder. That Wayne Rooney shaped 30 million pound note is going to start looking very tempting to the bankers if the repayments ever start to dry up. And they can have experience of running as many small market American sports teams as they want, this is a totally different game they're playing now.

Danny Mills and Gary Neville were the surly ones . . . - Hang on, what's this? Jeff Winter failing to shun some publicity? Surely not!

In other stuff, I've been learning this morning how to do DHTML stuff that was probably really impressive five or more years ago.

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