Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!


I got home from work on Friday, and went out more or less straight away to head over to Hammersmith. I'd never been to 'Ammersmiff before, and it's further away than you think innit. It also proved to be more confusing than you think (I went out the wrong end of the tube station) and scarier than you think (well, there were some particularly shifty looking youths along the bit of road between the wrong end of the station and the Apollo. (Should I call it the Apollo? I mean, it's the Odeon really, whatever its actual name is.) It's quite big too isn't it, as if somebody's just left a town in the middle of West London. Is it worth going back to in daylight when there aren't gigs on, for any reason?

I met up with miss_newham, hoshuteki and hollowfulofhat in the pub, then I saw nudejournal, pageantmalarkey and carsmilesteve in the venue. I talked for ages to Steve's mate from Supporters Direct about football fan activism, and he confirmed my suspicion about who in football is and isn't a cvnt (summary - is a cvnt: pretty much everybody, specifically including Simon Jordan, hooray!; not a cvnt: people in charge at Charlton described as "not too bad") and then I managed to lose everyone once I got into the arena itself, but that was alright because I had the gig to occupy me, and it was really good as well. Aside from the usual obviously having lots of fun thing, the band were really sharp, Stuart only forgot one lyric (and that wasn't really forgotten, he just started singing the wrong verse) and Beans was having a lot of fun with his keyboards. They rocked about as much as any band can rock and still be Belle & Sebastian.

Going home, I was on the District Line planning to go all the way to Monument, then get on the DLR at Bank but I got spontaneously bored with that idea at Westminster, so jumped off the train to get onto the Jubilee to change at Canary Wharf, which is always fun. You know when you get to the tube platform, and there's a train standing there and lots of people on the platform and your heart sinks? Well, it was like that, so when the driver announced that he had no idea when the train would be leaving I reverted to plan B and wandered back to the District Line. When I got back on the next train there was a copy of the FT on a seat which I started reading, and the man sitting next to me was reading over my shoulder so obviously and so annoyingly that I took it with me onto the Docklands train even though I didn't really want it. Ha, that showed him, what?

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