Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

While I was sick yesterday I passed the time by catching up on recorded
Eastenders episodes, and finally watching Clerks II which I liked. Okay, so
the plot's a bit thin, and the Easy as ABC stuff is a bit of an obvious set
piece but I laughed a lot, especially at the porch monkey sequence. It was
good to see the woman out of Curb Your Enthusiasm being typecast
as a woman who justifiably gets upset at people who are unintentionally
causing racial offence, but there can't be too many roles along those lines

I looked through all the CDS that my mum and dad brought down too, the
highlights of which were about ten Stone Roses bootlegs(cor, remember when
you had to buy them instead of downloading them from the internet?), The
Barenaked Ladies' Gordon and Bananarama's greatest hits. I thought
I had a Lightning Seeds greatest hits that I was looking forward to
listening to again, but it wasn't there and I do vaguely remember selling
it on eBay a few years ago. No matter though, I've got one now as Fopp are
doing them for a fiver, and it was payday yesterday. I seem to have spent
quite a bit on Doctor Who nonsense in Forbidden Planet too. Hmm.

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