Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Florida wins world series

There was a conversation here earlier about a programme I didn't see last
night where someone was in a coma for 18 years before waking up. I thnk I'd
quite like to be in a coma for 18 years, or at least I'd like to wake up
from one. That would be great, because there'd be 18 years worth of things
to discover. Not only that, but the internet will be so advanced by then -
I imagine we'll be up to Web 7.0 at least - that it'll be easy to catch up
on, I'd just be able to select a review of all 18 football seasons in order
in reasonable depth with specific focus on Manchester United and no
spoilers pls. Or all intervening series of Doctor Who on demand. Or 18
years' worth of Eastenders, in pill form. It'd be great.

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