Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

I've made an appointment to see the doctor tonight with my eye. Well, what else would I see her with? It's now about 19x more hideous than in the userpic, and is spreading if anything - the redness was ending at the bit where eyeball goes behind eyelid, but pulling the eyelid back now reveals further redness.

You're not eating are you? Oh.

So what's going on in Eastenders then?

Who is responsible for all the creepy sh!t happening to Ian Beale?

Cindy, in the worst mistaken identity death mix-up evar. She died in childbirth ffs, how could they get that wrong? If they did, two children went with the wrong families and Cindy must have gone back to the actual dead woman's family, WHO DIDN'T NOTICE?
Jane. Yeah, she was there when the weird stuff was going on, and she was clearly surprised by that photo turning up in the cafe, but y'know, it must be her. Plot holes schmot holes.
Grant Mitchell, somehow.
The ghost of Poline.
Cindy's weird sister and little Cindy.
One of the Wicksies that Cindy did it with ages ago
Steven, attention seeking and trying to get a decent plot of his own for a change.
Lucy, obviously. Duh.

Insert your own mad theory here:

EDIT: Peter, not Steven. Duh.
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