Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

My dream diary and other short stories

I dreamed last night that I was in a plane crash. The plane I was on was
supposed to be coming in to land, but instead of flying towards a runway it
was flying down a street on the side of a hill. The street ended in a
t-junction, and as the plane neared the junction it became apparent that
the plane was going to fly into the building across the road. Someone
shouted "Brace!" so we all adopted the brace position, having read the
safety information card at the start of the flight, and the plane crashed
into the building. Luckily, everyone survived uninjured because we were
wearing our seatbelts and in the brace position, as a member of the cabin
crew helpfully pointed out. Great, I'm having weak satirical dreams about
safety procedures on flights now.

Well, that was an exciting 20 minute interval. The fire alarm went off
suspiciously close enough to exactly ten to obviously be a drill so
everybody calmly left the building, stopping of course to collect coats and
personal belongings, and gathered in Broad Court wondering who they should
be reporting to as the company fire warden is on holiday this week. I
lurked at the back because I'm probably not on any list here anyway, and I
wasn't dead so that's okay with me. When the all clear was given we filed
back into the building, dangerously overloading the lifts in our
desperation to return to work, and health and safety was deemed to have
been satisfied for another year.

This morning I came downstairs and turned the light on in the lounge. One
of the bulbs blew, but with such ferocity that the bulb flew out of the
socket and smashed on the floor. BlimXor, that's not supposed to happen is
it? It wasn't so much the whole bulb that flew out - on closer inspection
it seemed that the fitting was still in the socket, but the glass portion
had come free of the fitting and it all smelled a bit burny. That shouldn't
happen should it?

One last annoying thing - I did a quick check of my spam gmail folder
yesterday and there was a thing there from the Arctic Monkeys mailing list
about their December dates going on sale this week, including a handy code
to give me access to the presale that started on Tuesday. And had sold out
by the time I found the email yesterday. Bad google, marking that as spam.
Of course, when the real sale started this morning, the tickets sold out in
3 seconds flat. Tsk.

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