Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

I went to Indietracks at the weekend, and it was the best thing ever. I'll put up a big post about it with pictures and other people's Youtube videos when I've sorted out the photos I took. I took several hundred, with two different cameras that are set to different dates, so when iPhoto is supposed to show the photos chronologically it mixes them up depending which camera I used. I have to keep scrolling backwards and through them to get them in the proper order to upload, and then one false click and I have to start again. My life is so hard, you know. I also took my new second-hand Polaroid, but the first time I took a photo with it it went mad and started spitting out the rest of the film, and won't stop whirring round and round unless it's empty. Tsk.

Still, yes, the festival was fantastic. I saw loads of fabulous bands I'd never heard of before, and loads that I had. It was at the Midland Railway and everyone there - punters, bands, staff, hotdog sellers - was lovely. The nearest there came to being any trouble was at the campsite at 5 am on the first morning, when the following conversation apparently took place:

Person 1 (shouting from tent): Can you keep it down please? Some people are trying to sleep.
A noisy German: Chill out, man, it's a festival.
Person 1: I'll come out there and make a festival of your face in a minute.

The exchange was the talk of the festival on Saturday, and I was pleasingly later introduced to Person 1. But I've forgotten his name.

So yeah, indiepop and trains made this a fantastic weekend - I liked it more than Latitude, and I didn't think I'd like anything more than that. You should all go next year etc.

BUT, pls to explain Teenage Fanclub to me? They were closing the Festival on Sunday night, and while they struck me as a perfectly competent bog standard guitar band, there was nothing actively good about them to make me think I've ever missed out by never really having paid attention to them before. Only about three of their songs stood out as being significantly different from the others, and in one of those it was only down to the overlong bit of guitar wankery at the end. Yet the prevailing opinion, both at the time and on the internet since is that it was a fantastic show and a great end to the festival. Perhaps it's just me?
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