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That's Entertainment - B. Henderson Asher's Moments of Mirth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Listen in, listen Ian!

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That's Entertainment [Jul. 31st, 2009|03:53 pm]
Listen in, listen Ian!
I've now won at Solitaire 519 times on my phone, it just said so. And yet I never seem to have that much time spare. My busy lifestyle was exemplified by the fact that last night I watched telly more or less non-stop from when I got home to about ten o'clock. I half watched Eastenders - I've almost completely broken its grip on me now. From then on it was mostly panel games, with only a bit of reality thrown in for light relief.

First was As Seen On Tv, a TV based quiz featuring two teams of celebrities, hosted by Steve Jones. Steve Jones, to my disappointment, turns out not to be the bloke who used to present They Pyramid Game but some bloke that as far as I know they've just dragged in off the street. No idea who he was, and even if I did I don't think I'd be predicting him to go on to great things based on this. The show's not bad in itself, with interesting if easy rounds that are good fun to play along with. It's desperately optimistic to be putting it on at 8pm on BBC1 though, especially with the quality of the panelists. The team captains are Fern Britton, and the sub-Michael McIntyre Jason Manford, which doesn't really bode well. The guests were Michelle Collins, some woman who I didn't know but I think was an actress, some bloke so forgettable I've completely forgotten him and Peter Serafinowicz, who was desperately keeping the show afloat really, being pretty much the only one to say anything that you couldn't see coming a mile away from the cloud of dust being kicked up on the horizon. This would be much better placed at 7pm, which would bring the added benefit of getting rid of The One Show, which has pretty much had its day now. Oh, and I liked the round where they got a person on who'd been on the telly and you had to say who it was. One was the bouncer off The X Factor, and the other one, briliantly, was the Test Card Girl. I wonder if she gets royalties? You could live forever on having been the Test Card Girl.

This was followed by The Rat Pack, which was following two pest control people around. When did these get labelled 'reality'? They're really just fly-on-the-wall which is a venerable old format now, and shouldn't be condemned with the same tag as Big Brother and the like. Anyway, these two pest control blokes were excellent. They were catching rats with a Jack Russell as well as some traps, and a squirrel from someone's loft. Although they clearly enjoyed their work, they took no pleasure from actually killing the animals, just treating it as a necessary evil to be done as quickly as possible, and although it sounds a bit cliched, they obviously had respect for their murine opponents. There were actually some genuinely creepy moments too, where I had to look away as a cupboard or something was opened to reveal a writhing mass of vermin. Oh, and one of them was scared of pigeons which was funny.

Over to BBC2 then for Mock the Week. Oh dear. Andy Parsons doing his vocal modulation thing as a substitute for jokes? Check. Frankie Boyle mostly just being rude as a substitute for jokes? Check. Russell Howard sitting there limply? Check. The whole thing being pretty much entirely unmemorable? Check. Alun Cochrane was quite funny, because he is quite funny, but even then it's still just obviously bits of his act shoehorned in to the format isn't it? Followed by what I think was an oldish repeat of Never Mind The Buzzcocks but it had both Stephen Fry and Josie Long on as well as the cadre of pop nobodies I've never heard of so it was pretty good.

As I say, it's all go go go chez ruudboy at the moment. Never mind, payday today and Poptimism tonight. And then the weekend, when the sun is going to shine non-stop. Well, who do you believe, me or the Met Office?

In other entertainment media news, I'm happy to report that both the first Monkey Island and Worms are now available for the iPhone, and pretty fine they look too. And I've been enjoying The Trap's podcasts recently. If you're familiar with The Trap and/or their works you should find them very enjoyable, but if not you'll probably recognise it for the load of self-indulgent nonsense that it actually is. It makes me giggle stupidly on the train though.

Word news: I've decided today that the frequent misuse of the word "explicit" annoys me. When warnings before films, or telly programs say that the item contains explicit sex, what the warning is pointing out is that the sex in question is clearly portrayed, that is to say it is not implied. It is explied, if that's a word. From this, we've somehow jumped to a situation where "explicit" is now used to describe anything that might contain anything we wouldn't want to kiddies to see or hear. Podcasts with a bit of swearing in them are now routinely labelled as "explicit" as if clarity in spoken communication is in itself a bad thing.

[User Picture]From: brigbother
2009-07-31 03:13 pm (UTC)
but some bloke that as far as I know they've just dragged in off the street

I refuse to believe you're not up on Saturday mornings watching T4.

As Seen on TV's OK, the That's Showbusiness (With Mike Smith) of the 2000s, I'm sure.
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[User Picture]From: pookee
2009-07-31 03:26 pm (UTC)
"That's Showbusiness" was loads better though. The format of 'As Seen On TV' was good, but for some reason it all fell flat and seemed a bit desperate in places. I think it's to do with the people, rather than the format.
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[User Picture]From: ruudboy
2009-07-31 03:45 pm (UTC)
I refuse to believe you're not up on Saturday mornings watching T4.

What, and miss the Saturday Kitchen?

Oh, James Martin was the other one. Thanks.
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[User Picture]From: carsmilesteve
2009-07-31 03:14 pm (UTC)
i think the steve jones you were watching is a former T4 presenter.

also, OMG worms on phone? coooool. WHOOOOOSH, incoming! etc...
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[User Picture]From: amuchmoreexotic
2009-07-31 03:24 pm (UTC)
Also, sex in films is usually "implicit". I mean, you rarely get to see it actually going in. It is implied that penetration is going on, but it could just be same-sex scissoring (SSS).
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[User Picture]From: ophe1ia_in_red
2009-07-31 03:34 pm (UTC)
“we've somehow jumped to a situation where "explicit" is now used to describe anything that might contain anything we wouldn't want to kiddies to see or hear.”

Yes, it is silly, but it’s a euphemism, and there will always be euphemisms. The odd thing is that there’s nothing literally explicit about a lot of swearing, which is frequently dysphemistic. It makes no sense, really.
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[User Picture]From: pookee
2009-07-31 04:17 pm (UTC)
The woman you didn't know but think was an actress is an actress called Debra Stephenson who was in 'Bad Girls' and more recently in 'Coronation Street'.
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