Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

This weekend I:

- Went to Pestival on the South Bank. I saw a tiny newt that had been fished out of the Thames, a jar of pickled moles, a dead blue tit, a selection of cool insects that London Zoo had brought along including a Malaysian Jungle Nymph, loads of bees and a giant termite mound. It was excellent.

- Tubewalked in Fitzrovia and Swiss Cottage.

- Went to see the production of Jason and the Argonauts at the More London festval, which was good. They're doing free film showings from next week, anyone fancy seeing any? I want to go and watch The Usual Suspects, but I'm open to any suggestions. Also, Thames Festival next weekend. Fireworks! They have a Montreal International Firework Competition? Cool!

Also, I assume we've all seen the rat as big as a cat by now? Good, good.

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