Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Hooray, it was another good weekend! On Friday I went on a work curry trip to Bangalore Express, which was great. When they asked us to order in advance, to a maximum value, obviously the sensible thing to have done would have been to pick some food I wanted and see if that was within the limit. What I did instead was order as much food up to the limit as I could, and end up with far too much to finish. It was all really nice though, and they have tiered seating, with some of it like top bunks that you have to get up to by climbing a ladder. Our table of 20 was just on the ground though.

Saturday was spent lazing around listening to the radio and watching football until it was time to go to internetsdairy and drummygirl's wedding in Putney, which was fantastic. Food, dancing, friends and a very lovely happy couple, what more could one want? Hooray for Rob and Jen!

Yesterday was yet another lazy day, apart from a quick trip out to buy cat litter (my exciting life!) and watch what was, to be honest, the most exhausting football match ever. In the Doctor Who story The Robots of Death, there's a device called a Laserson Probe which is described as having the ability to "...punch a fist-hole in six-inch armour plate or take the crystals from a snowflake one by one". This rather reminds me of the way Wayne Rooney plays football; if need be he can batter down the door, but his goal yesterday was a thing of astonishing delicacy and beauty, that got pretty much totally lost in the amazing match that followed.

I have to go to another client meeting in Manchester tomorrow, so I'm off to stay at the Hotel Parent tonight. Which will be nice.

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