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Oh god, I've got a lot of work to get finished that I'm quite bored… - B. Henderson Asher's Moments of Mirth — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Listen in, listen Ian!

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[Oct. 29th, 2009|03:23 pm]
Listen in, listen Ian!
Oh god, I've got a lot of work to get finished that I'm quite bored with. So the sensible thing to do is write a post instead.

First thing: Before I went out to work this morning I noticed that the local squirrels have discovered my bird feeder. I've never seen them on it before, but this morning there were two of them coming and going, to much feline interest. I took a few photos which I'll put up later. I don't really mind them coming and eating the nuts, as the birds seem much less interested in them than they do by the fat balls and I'm just as happy to have squirrels to watch through the window as I am to have birds.

Second thing: At the risk of dragging us back to old news, is this ban on MPs just awarding jobs to their spice really that unreasonable? Is there any other field in the public sector where management can just hand out jobs to members of their family with no proper recruitment procedure taking place? If so, that should go too.

Third thing: Does anyone want to come round to mine tonight and do all my washing up since Sunday?

[User Picture]From: cdave
2009-10-29 03:25 pm (UTC)
I've got to get something dull done by 4p.m. too.

Also, I think the problem is the condiments are not really capable of work. They're not even a food in their own right really,
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[User Picture]From: spoonrefuter
2009-10-29 03:34 pm (UTC)
MPs : Fundamentally, I agree - OTOH, I think that the silly hours of MP's work, allied to the travel time and working-in-the-constituency required by good MP's representing constituencies outside of the South-East means that secretaries and assistants from within the family make good practical sense a lot of the time. I'd think a more sensible approach to Parliamentary working practices is long overdue. Mind you, that'll never happen.
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[User Picture]From: carsmilesteve
2009-10-29 04:56 pm (UTC)
yes, there was some crusty old git saying "but what about lady MPs who'll have to commute back to the south east at 11.30 at night???" (he definitely used the word "lady") without thinking that parliament stopping at 7 might be a slightly more sensible option...
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[User Picture]From: dermfitz
2009-10-29 04:26 pm (UTC)
You said fat balls.
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From: srk1
2009-10-29 10:55 pm (UTC)
MP isn't really a managerial role. There are I suspect many relevantly similar jobs where the employer gives their spouse a job as PA or similar. Not that I care too much about the ban, there are MPs complaining about not seeing their partners any more, but tbh if you want a proper family life you should take another job.
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From: mooism
2009-10-30 12:40 am (UTC)
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