Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

I got a new toy at the weekend - it's this tiny printer which prints stickers and is excellent. It works by Bluetooth, which makes it a bit of a pain that Apple haven't allowed Bluetooth file transfer in the iPhone. There is an app to do it but it requires jailbreaking, which I'm unsure about. Does anyone have any experience of jailbroken iPhones (perdita_fysh, I've a vague recollection you've mentioned it)? If I do it, as well as getting the ability to install unofficial applications, will I retain all the functionality I already have? Also, I know that when Apple do OS upgrades it tends to kill the jailbreak - would that stop me using unofficial apps that I'd already installed, or just stop me installing new ones. In short, what disadvantages of it have you encountered?

So, what have I been up to recently? Well, a week ago I took part in the Charity Karaoke("charioke") 10-hour marathon. It went well, and I sung about 17 songs in total. There's still plenty of time to sponsor me at if you feel like.

On Saturday I went to see the fireworks at Alexandra Palace. They've got some new saftey procedures, which appeared to involve fencing off half the road and coralling the crowd into about half the space. Well done, there. We ended up breaking through the fence and walking along the empty bit of road with a load of other middle-class rebels. The fireworks were good though, and the curry we went for afterwards was good.

Yesterday morning I popped over the road to see the Remembrance Sunday stuff going on in and around the church tower and watch the tiny child soldiers marching about the place, a bit rubbishly in parts. And this lunchtime I went to the post office to get my passport checked and sent, so fingers crossed that it gets back in time for me to go away. And I've been reading a bit about the Berlin Wall, what with it being Berlin Wall day today, including something I didn't know - that Margaret Thatcher was against reunification. Lovely, freedom loving Maggie there.

And to finish, a treat for those who've read this far: a real-time world shipping map.

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