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B. Henderson Asher's Moments of Mirth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Listen in, listen Ian!

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[Nov. 23rd, 2009|11:51 am]
Listen in, listen Ian!
Aagh, Monday morning FAIL. The day started badly when instead of being woken by the gentle lilt of John Humphries, I was woken by the hideous BEEP mode that I'd accidentally set my radio alarm to when I went to bed last night. Why does it need a beep mode anyway? If I wanted to be woken by something going BEEP at me, I wouldn't have spent money on something with a radio in would I?

Anyway, after the usual staying in bed until the last possible minute, I hurried out of the door and narrowly made the train courtesy of it being delayed (thanks First Crapital Connect!), only to realise when I got to London Bridge that I had neither my Oyster card or any form of payment on me. Luckily, a nice underground man let me out when I threw myself on his mercy for this (thanks, nice Underground man!) and braisedbywolves has been good enough to sub me a fiver to get through the day. Looks like a nice bus ride home then.

Despite the miserablist weather that made me not want to leave the house at all, the weekend was fun. I managed to cut excursions during the day on Sunday and Saturday to the bare minimum shopping trips required (Crouch End on Saturday, Muswell Hill yesterday) and on Saturday night I went to the God Help The Girl show at the 100 Club. Tickets for this sold out about 10 seconds after going on sale, so I have to give a huge thanks to my industry source miss_newham for getting me on the guest list for this. Thanks, Jo!

Supporting were Pocketbooks who readers may recall me enthusing about at length before (buy their album, it's great!) and the played a great set to start, full of confidence and they seem to me that they should be playing bigger venues than they are - hopefully this support slot will be the start of great things for them.

GHTG did a great show too - the singers are amazing, great, interesting voices and stage presence. With Stuart, Stevie and Bobby all in the band it was almost like a mini B&S gig too. In short, it was a great night, and thanks again to miss_newham for the tickets.

What else have I been up to recently. Well, Monday was S's birthday, but she was visiting family so we went out on Tuesday night. We were going to go to Inamo but we couldn't get a table at a sensible time so we went to New World in Chinatown instead, which is now my default Chinatown restaurant. It's nothing amazing, with the usual Chinatown menu, but everything on it is well cooked and nice and fresh, so although you know what you're getting you know it's going to be good too. And on Thursday, we went to see The Fantastic Mr Fox which I enjoyed greatly. I liked that Mr Fox was essentially wearing Wes Anderson's clothes.

Tonight I'll mostly be cowering inside from what will probably be rain, with only David Attenborough for company. Life is every bit as good as you'd expect from a BBC Nature programme with Dave narrating - I loved the insects last week.

[User Picture]From: carsmilesteve
2009-11-23 12:11 pm (UTC)
oh riiiiiiiiiiiiiight, that's what the pocketbooks news was a couple of weeks ago ;)

according the b&s newsletter there might even be a proper alBUM next year (although glasgow sources were saying "no chance" when i saw them in may)

the reason radios have beeps is so you can set the radio to come on to gently wake you up first and then the beep to MAKE you get up. that's what mine does anyway.
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