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Listen in, listen Ian!

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Miscellany [Nov. 26th, 2009|12:06 pm]
Listen in, listen Ian!
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Today's annoying public transport person: the woman getting off the train at Moorgate in front of me who spotted a discarded hat on a seat, stopped to pick it up and consider it, then discarded it and continued in a slow zig-zag in front of me to the platform exit towards the Northern Line, where she stopped dead. GET OUT OF MY WAY! Also at this time of year, a curse on people waving big umbrellas around without the vaguest notion of who they might be poking in the ribs.


This week's Radio 4 book of the week is Family Britain. Listening to it every night has reminded me that I've had its predecessor, Austerity Britain glowering fatly at me from a bookshelf for probably somewhere over a year now so I stuck it in my coat pocket - I like that at this time of year I can wear my big coat with its capacious pockets - and I've been reading it on the train for the last couple of days. It's v good so far but man, it's disspritingly huge. I have little hope that I'll ever read anything else.


Taste London are giving away 2000 free annual memberships right now! Sadly, the website is obviously overwhelmed, as I can't get the page to load. Tsk.


What food are you currently slightly addicted to? I'm obsessed with lemon curd sandwiches at the moment. Morrison's finest lemon curd is excellent.

[User Picture]From: tonight_we_fly
2009-11-26 12:31 pm (UTC)
The Taste London thing is a scam, I tried to sign up to one of these in the past. They're just harvesting e-mail addresses, even if you attempted to register 0.0000001 seconds after the start time you don't get one of the memberships.

The website will eventually come back up, and a message will then tell you that they are still accepting applications, but due to the website crashing they will now be putting everybody's name into a draw instead so do please still register and give them your details.

Somewhat predictably you will consequently receive junk e-mail and supposed "special offers" (which are neither special nor really constitute offers) until you eventually find a way to get them to stop. I first began receiving unsolicited spam (all the v1agra type stuff) in my gmail account immediately after my Taste London experience, so I'm pretty certain that they're selling your details on.

I got the details from one of those money saving sites when I tried it, and the bulletin board discussion complaining about it afterwards ran to twenty-one pages by the end of the week. Trust me - give this one a miss!
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[User Picture]From: carsmilesteve
2009-11-26 12:43 pm (UTC)
Taste London had a one with Time Out a few months ago exactly like that that I actually won, so it's not a complete scam...
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