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B. Henderson Asher's Moments of Mirth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Listen in, listen Ian!

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[Jan. 1st, 2010|09:16 pm]
Listen in, listen Ian!
Hello! Christmas and New Year were lots of fun weren't they? I ate too much, saw family and friends I hadn't seen for ages and got some books and DVDs and chocolate.

Last night I went out with S and eyekiller and her Haringey posse to eat vast piles of tapas in Crouch End. Today, S and I went for a walk in the park this morning, then I spent the day dozing off on the couch. Tonight I watched Doctor Who. It was rubbish. Bye by Russell, don't let the door hit yo' ass.

I have various categories of New Years resolution, ranging from "achievable" to "pie in the sky lifestyle changes":


Get a new strap for my watch. Or a new battery for the watch that's already got a strap.

Get to grips with pastry. Possibly via this book.

Possible, with motivation

Properly get the flat tidy, by getting rid of loads of stuff that I don't need and has just been sitting in boxes for the last five years.

Pie in the sky

All that lifestyle stuff about being less lazy, eating better, doing more exercise, being more sensible with money, having less debt and any savings etc. Fingers crossed, eh?

[User Picture]From: ultraruby
2010-01-02 03:08 pm (UTC)
Hooray for pie in the sky! I quite sort of like it that I'm now old and cynical enough to be like 'yeah, well, there's no point in making those big resolutions cos I'll only fail' and actually mean it. Think I might make some stealth resolutions in about February though, just to trick myself into possibly achieving something.

Happy new year!
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