Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Yes, I had a good weekend thank you. On Friday night mrs_leroy_brown came round to hang out, and we watched Pop Star to Opera Star. I'd never seen it before. The result pretty much went the right way, in that the McFly one got knocked out, and it should have either been him or Kym Marsh. Marcella Detroit should never have been in the bottom two, let alone not saved unanimously by the judges. Darius was clearly the best by miles anyway.

After that exhausting highbrow evening, the only thing to do, clearly, was sleep until about noon on Saturday. After that I went out to shopping at the 99p store and Marks & Spencer, both ends of the high street spectrum there, marvellous. When I got home I made bread, and pate, and other light snacks and then S came round in the evening. We watched Independence Day, which I'd never seen before. It's handy that the aliens use Windows, isn't it? And that all their flying saucers have USB ports, presumably. Hooray for great big piles of entertaining nonsense!

Yesterday we went to the zoo for a change (I'm going to join, I think, it would probably be cheaper in the end). Lots of the best bits were closed, and I think all the animals had had a big party on Saturday night that they were hung over from, as most of them were asleep.

I think I need to make this.

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