Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

I'm a bit bored of being not lazy exactly, but somehow uninspired to leave the house because it's all cosy and it's raining outside. This was the attitude that caused me to miss The New Royal Family et al gig on Saturday which I regret now. It's a winter thing really I think - in summer I'm happier to just grab my keys and head out in a t-shirt, but going out in winter seems like much more of a chore somehow. Putting a coat on, and that. Okay, there may be a certain element of laziness involved. Basically, hurry up summer.

Yesterday being Valentine's Day, I spent it with S. We went to wander roud Greenwich for the day, which would have been better without the rain, but it's always nice to walk round the park and see the parakeets, and be on both sides of the world at once. Then we went back to mine and I cooked. I had some skinless boneless chicken thighs, so I filled them with ham, cheese and spinach, covered them in breadcrumbs and deep fried them. Much to my surprise they held their shape and I didn't end up with a deep fryer full of oil mixed with cheesy spinach. They were v nice anyway, and so was the chocolate cheesecake I'd made for afters. Yum.

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