Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Weekend, illustrated

Cor, the weekend was good wasn't it? Friday night was mostly spent in my traditional Friday night 'asleep on the sofa' state, but with the radio that I'd left on leaking into my dreams to the extent that at one point dream me was walking round the flat unplugging all the radios and failing to comprehend where the noise of the radio was still coming from. Thubconscious.

Saturday was better. The day consisted of doing pretty much nothing. I went out to pick up a paper and saw a missing word competition on the High Street.


When I got back, I spent the afternoon watching the racing on the telly. When the Derby had been on, and my money had caused Henry Cecil's horse to finish last I got ready to go out for a wander because it was a nice evening but just as I left the house it started to pour with rain, so I took some photos of that instead.

DSC01892.JPG DSC01902.JPG

When it had calmed down a bit, I went into town and wandered around the South Bank a bit looking at the elephants.


Then I went to meet lovely people and eat lovely Italian food on Goodge Street.

On Sunday I slept in v late, then pottered around the flat a bit wandering what to do. Eventually I tore myself away from the dodgy internet feed of Nigeria v North Korea in a World Cup warm-up match, and went to read the paper in the garden. I actually did less reading than I'd expected, and more just watching stuff that was happening in the garden. There was a blackbird going backwards and forwards across the garden getting food for its chicks, which I could hear crying from their nest which is in a tree in the garden. There was a feline turf war going on too - the tortoiseshell which lives in the flat which has a door onto the garden1 was dozing in a plantpot when I arrived, but a bit later Space Cat turned up. Space cat isn't owned by anyone in my building, but he hangs around all the time. He often turns up at the front windows and mews plaintively at Spike, and he comes into the garden too, especially when there are barbecues on the go. I'm sure he's not a stray though, as he seems healthy and well fed. He's called Space Cat because of his big white eyebrows, which look like antennae:

Space Cat

As Space Cat approached the bench I was sitting on, plantpot cat saw him, and when a bit of hissing didn't make Space Cat back off, plantpot cat went charging at him, and Space Cat legged it. Plantpot cat then spent some time patrolling the garden, making it perfectly clear that he was in charge before sinking back into his plantpot.

Then it started raining, so I went back inside.

1Does that make it a garden flat, or does that term imply exclusive use of the garden?

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