Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Edinburgh so far:

- The train journey up featured a man with a badge saying "Customer Service Assistant" informing someone that the fact they'd issued duplicate seat reservations wasn't his problem.

- Josie Long's show is great. Although miserable Paul Morley, who was in front of us in the queue for it didn't seem to be enjoying it so much. Boo for miserable Paul Morley.

- martylog's Gutted musical is excellent. It's got a proper pop star in it!

- Having seen the above last night, getting home at about 1.30am we got up early this morning thinking we were seeing Daniel Kitson at 10 this morning. It turned out we aren't seeing him until tomorrow. How we laughed, through our exhaustion soaked tears!

- Dinosaur Planet, featuring carsmilesteve is also excellent - see it when it comes to the Camden Fringe, unless you don't live in London in which case you needn't.

We went to an Italian place to eat tonight, and I ordered fish soup to start. It was amazing, a huge bowl of what was really more like fish stew, with shellfish and squid and huge prawns and monkfish(!) in it. OM NOM NOM!

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