Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Why do people put "POLITE NOTICE" on signs? Shouldn't the words you use be all that's needed for people to know it's a polite notice?

We went to see Super 8 on Friday night. It was excellent, and it made S jump loads at all the scary bits and grab my arm for dear life, which was funny if you're me. Also this weekend I did pretty much nothing all day on Saturday, which was great because I'd not had a weekend where I could just do nothing for ages. I went shopping in Crouch End on Sunday, which involved forgetting to go to the optician, and buying a Rough Guide to Ireland from Oxfam under the impression that it was a Rough Guide to Iceland. Then last night I made a cheese souffle for the first time ever, and it was a major success, rising beautifully. I am a cheese souffle natural. I might make other types of souffle now - ideas in the recipe book included chicken liver souffle.

Other things I've done since I last wrote anything of any moment in this journal include:

- going to Latitude, which was fun, if very muddy. I now know that I'll never go to Glastonbury, because I couldn't cope with anywhere that was many times the size of Latitude and equally muddy.

- going to Brittany with S's family, which was ace. It mostly involved eating and swimming in the sea.

- going to the End of the Road festival last weekend, which was perfectly lovely. More festivals should have peacocks and parrots. Afterwards we went down to stay with my Mum and Dad in my aunt's house in Devon for a couple of days, which was great as well. The weather was a bit mis, but it didn't stop us going to Torquay and Paignton, although my Mum and Dad wouldn't take me to Paignton Zoo, so they obviously don't love me.

I'm going to about a million gigs over the next few weeks:

- Pocketbooks
- Slow Club
- The National Brass Band Championship!
- Standard Fare
- Allo Darlin
- Stevie Jackson

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