Listen in, listen Ian! (ruudboy) wrote,
Listen in, listen Ian!

Amazon have refunded me for the parcel which had supposedly been delivered but which never turned up, so I've reordered the bits to be delivered to work. I might finally get to build my new PC sometime next week. When I'm going out just about every night, boh. Never mind, we're getting there.

Last night then, my sword of consumer justice switched its attention to HSBC. In June, I decided to switch my bank account to smile, and I filled in the form for them to move my standing orders and direct debits across. They did this before the end of June, so I told work to pay my salary into my new account. Some of my direct debits paid small amounts out at the end of June, but that was fine because the smile account came with an overdraft. Meanwhile, my old HSBC account was in its overdraft, but under the limit.

July came, and my salary was paid into smile. The direct debits on the HSBC account had been cancelled. And then, a repayment on a personal loan I have with HSBC was taken out of my HSBC account, despite the direct debit having been cancelled and a new one having been set up on the smile account, taking my HSBC overdraft over its limit. Grr. I phoned them to complain, made it clear that I did not want to be charged because of this and all seemed well - I wasn't charged.

Since then, I've occassionally paid for things using the debit card on that account, usually when buying stuff online from someone who's not got the details stored of my new card, and the new card is over there where I can't be bothered going to get it. A few days later I look at the HSBC account, and transfer across enough money from the smile account to cover the purchase. I was doing this last night when I noticed a £25 charge on the HSBC account. There was no reason why this should have been there - apart from the time in July, which was HSBC's error the account hadn't been over the overdraft limit. I phoned up to find out what it was and was told that it was an annual overdraft arrangement fee, which is charged if the account has gone over the limit at any time during the year and the fee for that was waived. So in effect, whenever they waive a fee, they don't, they just delay it a few months and hope you don't notice. I moaned at the guy in the phone, and he put the £25 back in the account (together with 8p missing interest, because by that point I didn't want to give them a penny extra), but how can they think this is even faintly acceptable?

Why does everyone have to be so fhit?

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