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B. Henderson Asher's Moments of Mirth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Listen in, listen Ian!

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hashtag firstworldproblems [Apr. 2nd, 2014|01:16 pm]
Listen in, listen Ian!
My mobile phone contract's up for renewal in October so obviously, I've been getting eggcited about it absurdly early, and trying to decide what I'll have next. I'd pretty much nailed it down to being between the Google LG Nexus 5 - because who doesn't like a tax avoider, if they make cool stuff, and the Samsung Galaxy 4. The final decision would come down to which one I could get the best contract on with 3 in October. This morning in London Bridge station, I saw an advert for the forthcoming Galxay 5, which just throws me into a whole new world of turmoil. New shiny thing!

Last night I made sandwiches to bring into work today, which I like to do from time to time as it makes me imagine that I'm going to start being sensible and be more careful with my money - after all, you may have heard that there's a cost of living crisis. Although I'm lucky enough that I'm able to cope with this, things have got noticeably more expensive haven't they? Particularly tinned tomatoes. Anyway, obviously, like I always do when I do sensible things, I followed it up with a non-sensible thing this morning, namely that I forgot to bring the sandwiches out with me.

Anyway, in nice news, I'm going to East Anglia tomorrow for a long weekend. I'm going to see seals. Also, we're having an Easter Egg decorating competition at work and I've already got an idea. Which I'm not revealing here because at least two people from my work might be reading this, but I can eggsclusively reveal that it's based on a pun around the word egg.

[User Picture]From: kiss_me_quick
2014-04-02 12:27 pm (UTC)
Maybe there'll be a new Nexus out by then too which will even up the playing field again?

If I make my own lunch, I will never be organised enough to do it at home, so I bring a loaf and ingredients into work at the beginning of the week then everything's already there and I don't have to remember anything.

East Anglia is a very big place, you need to be more specific.
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