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B. Henderson Asher's Moments of Mirth

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Listen in, listen Ian!
24 May
I don't really trust anyone who can walk into a room full of people they don't know, and not forget slightly how to walk. - Daniel Kitson


I've variously lived in Rawtenstall, Bury, Nottingham and Greenwich in the past, and I now live in Crouch EndLewisham. I work as a programmer.

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aew, animals, cake, cats, chewing pens, chicago, cowboy shit, crispy duck, doctor who, emergency goalkeepers, eric cantona, finding shopping lists, hornsey, join the dark order, long distance train travel, love united hate glazer, maps, marcus rashford, martha, milk chocolate digestives, minutiae, mufc, no more jockeys, pappys flatshare slamdown, photography, pied wagtails, pieter bruegel the elder, pop music with trumpets, quiz, railway stations, ritter sport cornflakes, sausages, second hand bookshops, sleeping, stewart lee, streatham rovers, the netherlands, the university of turmoil, toffee crisps, tube mice, two dots, victoria wood, vimto, viz, weed, wrestling, zoological taxonomy

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